Open letter consultation: Proposed new name for Solent University


Solent University is an Office for Students (OfS) registered higher education provider. It received approval under the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 to acquire the university title and the power to award its own degrees.


The university proposes to change its name to ‘Southampton Solent University’. We are seeking views on whether the proposed name is, or has the potential to be, confusing or misleading.
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Who is this survey for?

We welcome responses from anyone with an interest in the proposed new name for Solent University.


We are particularly (but not only) interested in hearing from:

  • existing or potential future students of Solent University and their representatives
  • other providers of education with a similar geographic descriptor or based in the same geographic area
  • professional organisations and local employer groups that work with Solent University
  • local, regional, or other bodies with similar names to the proposed name ‘Southampton Solent University’
  • local emergency services to Solent University
  • higher education membership groups.

How to respond to the consultation

Responses should be received by noon on 25 April 2024. Please use this online form to submit your response.

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Privacy notice

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  • This survey is optional.
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  • The organisation you are from (if applicable) and a description will be collected to help us to understand your interest in the matter we are consulting on. We will use this to analyse the responses, including coverage of responses from groups we have identified as potentially having a particular interest in the proposal.
  • We will share anonymised responses to the consultation with the provider to enable it to consider any issues that are raised. 
  • We may summarise and publish some or all responses to this consultation on the OfS website (and in alternative formats on request) as part of our regulatory decision making. This may include a list of the providers and organisations that respond, but this will not include personal data such as individuals’ names, addresses, or other contact details.
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